About Us

Convenience & qualityat its very best

Dhobi London carries decades of experience in the business, with the vision of delivering
premium dry-cleaning services through advanced cleaning technologies. We are a family-run business that holds great pride in the services we provide.

Unparalleled Convenience

We believe in serving our customers according to their busy schedules. We are committed to providing the best service.

Highly Experienced Staff

Each member of the Dhobi London team is carefully chosen through a careful selection process.

Research & Development

We are constantly seeking effective and safer methods of improving quality of our dry-cleaning service.


Our Factory

Dhobi London is your trusted dry-cleaning expert par excellence. Our services are provided from our own cleaning facility where each step of the dry-cleaning cycle is closely managed and monitored for optimal quality.

Attention to Detail

Our prime objective is attention to details so we can provide superior service to our customers every time.

Focus On Quality

We combine elite standards with the latest developments in cleaning technologies to achieve the most remarkable results.

Easy & Reliable

Our online service makes the daunting task of dry cleaning super simple, convenient and at the tip of your fingers.


Our dry-cleaning products and methods are non-toxic and eco-friendly. We offer reduced packing (if requested) and alternative practices such as wet cleaning. Customers may enjoy our premium services with the assurance of environmental sustainability. All of our delivery vehicles are fully electric and zero-emission.