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Are you looking for convenient, reliable and affordable dry cleaners Knightsbridge? Dhobi London offers a complete high end service, from laundry to ironing services, dry cleaning formal and business wear to repairs and alterations. We are focused to providing the best services for your clothes and upholstery. Using advanced dry cleaning technology, we are able to assist with the cleaning of leather, fur, suede and wedding dresses, ensuring the best results, while paying close attention to detail.

We offer convenient online booking with the benefit of collection and to the door delivery in Kensington, Victoria, Clapham, Westminster, Battersea, South Lambeth, Pimilco, Chelsea, Knightsbrdge and Belgravia, with new locations regularly being added. Backed by decades of experience with a knowledgeable and dedicated team, we can provide you with the quality dry cleaning and laundry services you need for your business or home.

Knightsbridge Dry Cleaners

We are a family owned and operated dry cleaning business that are results driven using environmentally friendly and non toxic technologies to get your laundry and dry cleaning back to you clean, fresh and folded. We are constantly embracing new technologies to improve our services with our cleaning factory being closely monitored and managed to ensure we provide a first class service.

Our laundry services Knightsbridge focus on caring for your items and the environment. We use only non-toxic and eco friendly cleaning methods with electric and zero emission vehicles to deliver to your door. Our cleaning products are gentle without any harsh chemicals, protecting your clothing, upholstery and the environment.

Dry Cleaning

Suits, coats, dresses, blouses, ties & pashminas.


Ironing Service

Sponged & pressed to the highest standards.


Laundry Service

Washed & pressed or service wash (wash, dry and fold).


Shirt Service

Fresh, clean, crisply ironed, hung or folded.


Wedding Dresses

Exquisitely cleaned, restored & packed to its original glory.


Duvet & Bed Linens

Crisp clean bed linen laundered professionally.


Leather, Fur & Suede

Professional suede, leather & fur Cleaning.


Household & Upholstery

Replenish Your Household Items, Sofa Covers to Curtains.


Alternations & Repairs

Buttons, zips, adjustments or bespoke alterations.


Shoe Repairs

Re-healing to resoling making them look new again.


Trainer Cleaning

Keeping your trainers looking fresh, clean & new.


Speciality Items

Taking extra care of your designer garments.


Laundry Services Knightsbridge

At Dhobi London, we pay close attention to detail, focusing on quality, while offering a reliable and easy dry cleaning and laundry service you can trust. Our experienced team are focused on providing quality solutions to our clients with premium dry cleaning services in Knightsbridge.

Our services include:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Ironing
  • Laundry
  • Shirts
  • Wedding Dresses
  • Duvet and bedding
  • Leather, fur and suede
  • Upholstery
  • Repair and alterations
  • Shoe Repairs
  • Speciality items

Whether we are providing you with a laundry service for your weekly laundry or we are providing a dry cleaning service for your favourite bikers jacket, you can be assured we will use sustainable procedures to ensure we achieve the best end results.

Premium Dry Cleaners Knightsbridge

We are constantly working on ways to improve our service from our easy online booking, scheduling and delivery services to our decades of experience. We provide premium dry cleaning services in Knightsbridge, offering convenience and high quality. We take sustainability and environmentally friendly techniques seriously with our front loading machines, which use less than three times the amount of water of other machines. We offer affordable and transparent prices, so you know what the cost before you book your collection.

We fold your items, packaging them with care to ensure that they arrive at the door, beautifully packaged with a great crease. We only use the finest quality, hand selected cleaning products to give your items a new lease of life.

Our passion is to provide the most effective, convenient and affordable dry cleaning and laundry services to our clients, to be the top Knightsbridge dry cleaners with sustainable services, eco friendly solutions and an experienced team to ensure the best end results.

Take Advantage of our Laundry Services Knightsbridge

Take advantage of our easy five step laundry services Knightsbridge. Book online and set your collection to your schedule. We will collect, clean and deliver to your door on the date and time you choose, providing you with first class services every time.