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Washing and dealing with piles of clothes is a twinge. It is not at all an easy task. Dealing with clothes and other laundry related items is always a headache. Availability of a professional laundry dealer in such situations can reduce complications. Dhobi London provides you with the best quality laundry service with the guarantee of care. Most of the people do not consider the importance of online laundry service. Do they think what can go wrong while loading clothes in the machine? Or, What is the problem in drying clothes under sunlight? Yes, they exactly think this way, but it is not that simple. Laundry is a process that contains tons of problems. We being the best Online Dhobi Services are here, to provide you with Dry Cleaners Victoria guide to fix laundry issues. Simple mistakes can become the reason for unwearable clothes. These mistakes occur due to two simple reasons. First, ignorance towards the high-quality service and Second, oversight some necessary problems. We are a professional laundry service in Victoria with highly experienced staff. We always try to pursue new methods for making our service finest. You can always seek our help as we provide twenty-four-hour customer service along with the transportation facility. We have the best techniques to prevent laundry issues. Let’s look about for some laundry hints and tips on how to fix issues.

Know-How To Prevent Shrinkage of Clothes

Some clothes tend to shrink after a wash. Dealing with these types of clothes can never be easy. These clothes require some special formulas and methods to prevent shrinking after a wash. Shrinking of clothes not always means that we have gain weight or the fabric is of low quality. It is something related to laundry methods. Our professional dry cleaners staff make sure to protect your clothes from all such issue and always keep them in the best possible conditions. Sometimes the high-level heat and extra warn water can become the cause of clothes shrinkage but, we know how to deal with it. It is the reasons we call ourselves specialist and professionals. We make sure that clothes are washed according to the fabric’s nature and use harmless methods. We never forget to check the washing instruction of the fabric or, piece of clothing you wanted us to wash for you. We now the best ways for dealing with heating methods of the machine as it is not easy. Dhobi online can help you if you do not want your clothes to get useless because of shrinking.

Dry Cleaning

Suits, coats, dresses, blouses, ties & pashminas.


Ironing Service

Sponged & pressed to the highest standards.


Laundry Service

Washed & pressed or service wash (wash, dry and fold).


Shirt Service

Fresh, clean, crisply ironed, hung or folded.


Wedding Dresses

Exquisitely cleaned, restored & packed to its original glory.


Duvet & Bed Linens

Crisp clean bed linen laundered professionally.


Leather, Fur & Suede

Professional suede, leather & fur Cleaning.


Household & Upholstery

Replenish Your Household Items, Sofa Covers to Curtains.


Alternations & Repairs

Buttons, zips, adjustments or bespoke alterations.


Shoe Repairs

Re-healing to resoling making them look new again.


Trainer Cleaning

Keeping your trainers looking fresh, clean & new.


Speciality Items

Taking extra care of your designer garments.


Know-How To Prevent Holes and Tears 

Some clothes can get damaged because of harsh detergents. These clothes tend to tear and, sometimes, holes in the dress can be the result. It all depends upon the quality care and professional methods for taking care of clothes. We use the most suitable detergents and other washing materials to prevent such accidents. Our staff at Victoria is completely trained for this purpose. Detergent suitable for one cloth may not be a yes for others. That is why you need an online service provider. We know about keeping your clothes in good conditions. Dhobi London is the best laundry service in London

Knowledge to Avoid Bleeding

If you are a big fan of horror movies and thinking it as that bleeding than please, It is related to laundry. Some cloths can leave their colour during the wash. These type of clothes not just harm other clothes but also become un-useable. These clothes need some extra care for laundry carelessness can be alarming. Team of Dhobi London always check clothes and their nature before wash. It helps us to make a suitable decision for lave.

Know-How to Use Equipment Properly 

Knowledge of equipment is also something related to laundry and, only professional services can do this best. It is the main difference between local dhobis and Online Laundry service providers. Online Laundry Service providers are expert and have the best knowledge of equipment properly. The bad conditions of a washing machine or dryer machine, detergent or other washing agents can badly harm the quality of clothes and, no customer wants that. Dhobi London is the one best place where you can get the desired results for your clothes.

Avoid Fading 

Fading is the term used when the clothes become dull and leave their original colour. Sometimes high sunlight also damages the clothes badly which, results in fading of colours. Dhobi London uses the best drying techniques to prevent such an issue. Most of the people love the method of drying clothes under sunlight. It can kill bacteria, but there are some other methods like use of mechanical dryer, drying flat and line drying which professionals use to prevent damages. Only trust the best online laundry service for keeping your clothes clean and safe, at the same time.