Terms & Conditions

General Terms

  • We are not responsible for buttons, zips, belts and buckles during the cleaning process.
  • All of our prices are From and prices may vary according to the delicacy/ value of the garment. When there is a  price change we will ask for consent before processing the garment.
  • Our Compensation rule is 10x the price of cleaning of the garment.
  • Missed collection and Delivery fee is £10. You must notify us 3 hours prior to the collection/ delivery to avoid the charge. Notifications must be in writing.
  • Customers are responsible for collar stiffeners, cufflinks and ensuring pockets are empty.
  • Customers are responsible for items in a service wash that they can be washed and dried. Loads are washed 30 degrees and tumble dried on medium heat.  We do not cater to specific needs e.g temperature, detergents, conditions, etc. Also, we accept no responsibility for colour bleeds during the washing process.
  • Complaints and missing items to be made within 24hours from drop off time.
  • Customers' clothes will be held for no longer than 3 months.
  • These terms apply to all orders which we accept from you. Unless you accept our terms you will not be able to place an order or set up an account.
  • We may change/ update the terms and conditions, but you will receive email notification of the changes.
  • Placing an order does not create a contract between us. The contract only starts when we accept your order.
  • You may cancel/ reschedule the order 3 hours prior to the collection/ delivery without any charge.
  • If you write instructions/ delivery notes on the order e.g ‘leave/ collect outside door’ or ‘leave in an agreed location’ this will be entirely at your own risk and we shall not be liable for any damage or loss. 
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