How often do you wash your clothes? Chances are that most outfits are put into the laundry at least after one or two consecutive outings. You do this because they get dirty and smelly, and washing them freshens them up.

How often do you dry clean your duvet? Doubtless, you regularly change your sheets and pillowcases – we all know that there is nothing better than slipping into a fresh, clean bed. But it is just as important to invest your time and money into some serious duvet dry cleaning at regular points throughout the year.


What Are the Benefits of Seeking Out ‘Duvet Dry Cleaning Near Me’?

The onset of winter is a particularly important time for you to strip back your bed and get all your bedding professionally cleaned. Our UK climate during the summer is notoriously unpredictable, with nights being interchangeably hot and cold. Many people like to keep the duvet on the bed in case the nights get chilly, only to wake up hot and sweaty.

While regularly changing duvet covers helps to protect your quilt from the worst of the sweat and body oils, these can seep through into the duvet itself. A duvet laundry service will ensure that your duvet and pillows are thoroughly washed and cleaned, making them fresh, clean, and ready for the winter months.

Choose Your Duvet Laundry Service with Care

A professional clean of your duvet will not just get rid of grime and unwanted odours but will also maintain its insulating properties and prolong its overall life. Whether they are filled with natural feathers or other synthetic fillings, putting the duvet in a washing machine could damage the dispersal of the insulating material.

Duvet dry cleaning is a much gentler process, eliminating the sometimes damaging, overly energetic agitation of a washing machine and replacing it with a much gentler approach that performs a deep clean.

The more you have invested in your duvet, the more you need to make sure it is properly maintained by a professional. If cared for properly, a good duvet will give you and your family years of warmth and snuggling pleasure.


If I Send My Duvet to Dry Cleaning Near Me, Will it Eliminate the Risk of Bed Bugs?

Absolutely, it will. Bed bugs have been in the news a lot just lately, and the mere thought of a potential bed bug infestation will make even the most resilient of us shudder at the thought.

If you are concerned that you may have bed bugs, then let your duvet laundry service know. To eliminate the bugs, the dry cleaner needs to use a chemical called PCE – Perchloroethylene – a common chemical solvent used in cleaning which is absolutely lethal to any kind of bed bug.

It is essential that you also wash any other bedding or clothes on a hot cycle of at least 60 degrees centigrade and then tumble dry on high heat. The heat will kill the bugs. If you are unsure or unwilling to wash the bedding sheets yourself, then Google search ‘duvet laundry near me’ and confirm with the establishment that they use PCE.

While you are doing all this, we also suggest that you contact a professional pest control company to check if there are any infestations in your bed frame, box springs and other hidden corners of your bed. While dry cleaning will rid the duvet of any potential bugs, it will become re-infested if the bed itself is not checked and fumigated.

Dry Clean Duvet Cost

One of the questions we are frequently asked is, ‘How much to dry clean a duvet?’ The answer depends primarily on the size of the duvet you need dry cleaning and what it is filled with. For example, a standard double or king-size duvet starts from £25.00, while its feather-filled alternative would be slightly due to its more specialised requirements.

Duvet Laundry Service Checklist

While seeking out the results of your ‘duvet dry cleaning near me’ search, here’s a quick reminder of the checklist you need to run through to make sure you are using the best in the business.

  • Is the pricing competitive?
  • Do they offer a fast turnaround?
  • Will they deliver and pick up at your convenience?
  • Are they big enough to handle the duvets for your entire family?
  • Do they have a good reputation and demonstrable success in this field?

And yes, we are biased, and with good reason. Because Dhobi is a long-established centre of excellence when it comes to providing quality laundry services to individuals and businesses throughout London. So, if you are on the lookout for a duvet dry cleaning service, then opening an account with Dhobi will bring all your needs to the forefront.