Whether you spend £10 or £10,000 on an overcoat or winter jacket, taking good care of it will ensure that it gives you many years of warmth and service. Indeed, with the focus on sustainability and re-purposing, a well looked after coat can literally last for generations.  

During the colder winter months, your coat or jacket becomes much worn and a favourite item. Chances are, you will wear them pretty much every single day. If you wear a jumper or shirt every day, you make sure that it is regularly cleaned. The same care and attention need to be given to your outerwear, too.  

So, if you want to know more about how best to look after your coat or jacket and are trying to work out the best choice for your ‘coat repair near me’ internet search, read on.  

How Much to Dry Clean a Coat? 

While the price of dry cleaning is an important factor in your decision-making process, we urge you to be equally vigilant about the quality of the clean you are hoping for. If you have invested considerably in a coat or a leather jacket, then not all cleans are equal, and you may need to seek out a more specialised and competent leather jacket dry cleaning service. 

The following are the sort of questions you need to be asking, and information you need to be seeking out when choosing a dry cleaner for your jacket or coat: 

Quality of Service – Does it Offer Specialised Services? 

Even the most expensive of costs will start to lose their shape and lustre if they are not put through the correct procedures for dry cleaning. While wool coats can be machine washed, if not done correctly the fabric can be damaged if the wrong detergents are used. It can also be pulled or snagged if put through the wrong temperatures or settings.  

Ask the dry cleaner if they use a biological or non-biological detergent. Biological detergents contain enzymes which are great for helping to remove protein-based stains. Unfortunately, this reacts to the wool, which is also made up of proteins. Your dry cleaner must use a mild, non-biological detergent. 

Better still, a dry-cleaning process is, in the hands of a professional, by far the best process to rid your favourite wool coat of any stains and smells and restore it back to new.  

Is it Best to Dry Clean a Leather Jacket? 

It will come as no surprise that we would always advise using a professional leather jacket dry cleaning service, rather than attempt to do it yourself at home – though there is plenty that you can do to help protect and maintain the quality of the leather.  

Have a look over your jacket to assess the current damage. Do you notice any cracks, peeling or signs of excessive wear and tear? Is it stained? Take a sniff – does it carry an unpleasant odour, outside and inside? 

While asking whether it is best to dry clean a leather jacket, we know that this is not always the best option – only if it is particularly badly stained. Dry cleaning will actually remove natural oils from the leather. If dry cleaning is deemed necessary to get rid of the stain, then a professional leather jacket restoration expert will know which conditioning products to use to recuperate any lost oils and bring your leather jacket back to life, fresh and clean. 

Once you are satisfied with the experience and expertise of a number of different coat dry cleaning specialists, you next need to make sure that: 

  1. They are situated in a convenient location
  2. They have a respectable turnaround time
  3. They are ecofriendly and sustainable
  4. They can prove their experience through third party verified independent reviews and testimonials.

Leather Jacket Alterations Near Me 

Making sure you phrase your internet search will ensure that the best range of options come up high on your search results. Using search terms such as ‘leather jacket alterations near me’, ‘coat repair near me’, ‘jacket repair near me’ and ‘coat alterations near me’ will guarantee that the best, most reputable dry cleaners will be featured high up on your list.  

Even more importantly, the more good reviews that they have online, the more they will keep featuring on your feed. This helps to build a clearer picture of them as a business, showcasing many happy customers and demonstrating an enthusiasm for excellent service. You can then take some time exploring their green credentials and service levels. 

So, if you feel it is time to put your trust in the experts and dry clean your jacket or coat, feel free to spend a bit of time exploring the different services that Dhobi London has to offer. We are proud of our extensive client list, our fast turnaround, and the fact that we will pick up and deliver your coat or jacket within 24 hours.  

Feel free to contact us directly by calling 020 7720 3118, or drop us a line to discuss your specialised dry-cleaning requirements.