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Clothing Alteration Services


In addition to being one of the premier dry cleaners and laundry services in the city, Dhobi London offers professional clothing alteration services. So, whether you are looking to rejuvenate a much-loved item, alter something to fit you better, or fix an annoying rip or tear, then book a Dhobi collection slot, and we will give it the due care and attention.

In a world where sustainability is an important issue for the fashion industry, and the re-purposing of items of clothing is increasingly popular, your favourite pieces are becoming more important than ever. A clothing alteration service is essential for those pieces of fashion to give them new life, help them to fit you better, and give them perhaps a more modern twist by a simple tweak to the neckline or length, for example.

Bespoke Clothing Alteration Service in London

If you would like to use our Dhobi London clothing alteration service, we have a very simple online booking system for standard repairs. Simply choose the standard alteration from the list provided and enter any instructions when you book your item. We will then collect the item(s) and return them to you as stated.

If your clothing alteration requirement is more complex, then call us on 0207 7203118, or use the WhatsApp button on the bottom of your screen to talk through your requirements in a bit more detail. We can then give you a more bespoke price for your alteration job.

What are Dhobi’s Clothing Alteration Prices in the UK, London?

You can find an up-to-date list of standard clothing alteration prices by clicking here.

Our prices reflect the expertise and professionalism we dedicate to our customers. We understand how important certain items of clothing are to you. Many of our premium customers invest significant sums in their wardrobes, and it is essential to have a company such as Dhobi at the end of the phone to ensure those expensive items of clothing receive the best care and attention to lengthening their working life.

Alteration Services for Wedding Gowns and Other Formal Attire

The fit of your wedding dress, or morning suit, has to be perfect for the big day. While formal wear is often tried on and purchased sometimes months in advance of the actual event, people can change. Working with Dhobi clothing alteration services, we can ensure your entire wedding party looks its absolute best on your big day.

Giving Pre-Loved Clothes a New Lease of Life

They do not have to be expensive designer items to be repaired or altered. At Dhobi, we believe that every single item of clothing has been stitched with love and, as such, deserves to be cared for and maintained with that same degree of care and attention. Whether it is a well-worn pair of jeans or a one-off designer dress, our skilled hands will return it to you looking like new.

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