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Dry cleaning and dealing with clothes at home is something very complex. If we talk about these times, people are busy and do not have time for dealing with clothes. They want the easy ways to deal with this frustrative task. What option can be better than a professional dry cleaner in Pimlico? No doubt people have been washing clothes at home for years, but with the increase in time, the priorities also increased. People want easy and efficient ways to deal with issues like laundry and ironing. It can be good for your health and you can also get some extra time to spend with your family. It is never a bad deal to spend some amount for the cause of ease and comfortability. This is the reason Dhobi London is working as Dry Cleaners Pimlico for years. We have a professional and well-trained laundry service staff. We know the best and right ways to deal with your clothes. We know the importance of time, this is why also provide our customers with the transportation facility. It is not easy to transfer a pile of clothes from one place to another, this is why you provide you with the transportation facility.

Dry Cleaning

Suits, coats, dresses, blouses, ties & pashminas.


Ironing Service

Sponged & pressed to the highest standards.


Laundry Service

Washed & pressed or service wash (wash, dry and fold).


Shirt Service

Fresh, clean, crisply ironed, hung or folded.


Wedding Dresses

Exquisitely cleaned, restored & packed to its original glory.


Duvet & Bed Linens

Crisp clean bed linen laundered professionally.


Leather, Fur & Suede

Professional suede, leather & fur Cleaning.


Household & Upholstery

Replenish Your Household Items, Sofa Covers to Curtains.


Alternations & Repairs

Buttons, zips, adjustments or bespoke alterations.


Shoe Repairs

Re-healing to resoling making them look new again.


Trainer Cleaning

Keeping your trainers looking fresh, clean & new.


Speciality Items

Taking extra care of your designer garments.


Dhobi London as Dry Cleaners Pimlico

Here are some benefits of contacting Dhobi London for dry cleaning services at Pimlico.

  1. Less Abrasive Procedures

The dry cleaning procedures are less abrasive. When people wash the clothes at their house they never understand and realise the importance of the different type of fabric. For them its the routine, but for the professional people, it is work. This is the reason at Dhobi London we deal with clothes in the most professional and right way, by using the most suitable and right techniques to prevent any type of damage to the clothes.

  1. Attention To Details.

At dhobi London, we do not perform any type of experiments with your clothes. All the methods and products that we use are testified. This is the reason people consider us because we pay close attention to all the necessary details. No work can be complete without passion and our workers are hard working. They have the right amount of passion so that they can pay proper attention to all the details related to clothes. Our team deals with each clothes depending upon its nature.  No cloth is washed with a cloth of a different nature. We know that it is essential to keep the minor details in mind, to prevent the heavy losses.

  1. Handle Large Items

At homes especially in small homes, it becomes difficult to handle large items like sofas and bedsheets. It is also not an easy task to deliver all such products at the shops for such type of services people consult the professional. We can deal with all types of clothes most professionally and expertly. We have the experience so we know the best that what will suit you in which conditions.

We provide you with the elegant and exemplary finishing of cloths, and you will save your time. We being the professionals dry cleaners in Pimlico can perform all the tasks on time and efficiently. You can get the best deals and can check them easily on our website. On Dhobi London we make sure the safety and maintenance of every clothing item. All the services are affordable and reliable. Contact us for our expert and quality services.