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Wedding-Dress Dry Cleaning


For thousands of young (and sometimes more mature) women across the capital, their wedding dress will represent a significant investment – and will probably be one of the most expensive single items of clothing they ever buy.

While so many emotional moments can be attributed to your wedding dress, it will, on the big day, go through a myriad of potentially damaging circumstances. It will be exposed to wine spillages, lipstick smears, salty tears, and snotty noses. It will swish across dusty floors, picking up dirt and grime. It will swirl across the dance floor, absorbing spilt drinks and dropped crumbs.

It is for all these reasons and more that you need to make sure Dhobi – your wedding dress dry cleaning London company – is primed and ready to take in your dress once the big day is over and restore it back to its former glory once the big day is over.

Why is wedding dress dry cleaning so important?

While you may only consider wearing your dress on this day, and this day only, your wedding dress will become an heirloom representative of your own personal history. It will be the receptacle for a million memories – how can you not get emotional when you open the box that contains your wedding dress – a box that may have lain unopened for many years as your new life progresses through starting a family, moving into a new home, and working hard.

Here at Dhobi London, we quote you a bespoke wedding dress dry cleaning cost, presenting you with a beautifully restored dress in packaging that befits the importance of this family heirloom. While you are off enjoying your honeymoon, we will pick the dress up from an agreed local pick-up point, put it through our specialised cleaning services, and return it back to the same address, where it will be waiting for your return in pristine condition.

Premium Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning London Service

Dhobi London has established its reputation as one of the capital’s leading dry cleaning and laundry companies, offering a premium and discrete service to local individuals and businesses.

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