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Dry Cleaning services are now the need of every single individual. Earlier people use to see it as a luxury, but now it’s a necessity. In this busy world, no one wants to deal with piles of clothes after a hectic busy routine. Especially, in the case, if you are a working person. You can never compromise on your look and time. These two things matter a lot. Professional Dry Cleaners South Lambeth can help in maintaining and working in both; time and look. We provide you with the elegant and exemplary finishing of cloths, and you will save your time. You will not have to think about pressing, washing, dry cleaning, and stains after a frustrative routine. Here are some qualities of Dhobi London as the professional Dry Cleaners South Lambeth.

Dry Cleaning

Suits, coats, dresses, blouses, ties & pashminas.


Ironing Service

Sponged & pressed to the highest standards.


Laundry Service

Washed & pressed or service wash (wash, dry and fold).


Shirt Service

Fresh, clean, crisply ironed, hung or folded.


Wedding Dresses

Exquisitely cleaned, restored & packed to its original glory.


Duvet & Bed Linens

Crisp clean bed linen laundered professionally.


Leather, Fur & Suede

Professional suede, leather & fur Cleaning.


Household & Upholstery

Replenish Your Household Items, Sofa Covers to Curtains.


Alternations & Repairs

Buttons, zips, adjustments or bespoke alterations.


Shoe Repairs

Re-healing to resoling making them look new again.


Trainer Cleaning

Keeping your trainers looking fresh, clean & new.


Speciality Items

Taking extra care of your designer garments.


Preserve Fabric Quality

We never compromise on the quality of the products that we use, this allows us to preserve the fabric quality. We only use trusted and approved products. These products can provide the best outcomes and results that you can never achieve at home. People thin and are doing the laundry at home for years, but now the time has changed, and people are adopting modern methods to cope with time. We provide you with the best deals and provide you with the assurance of the quality product. At home, people do not think about the fabric nature and wash or dry clean them randomly, but not all the clothes are the same. We dry clean clothes according to nature. This is the reason for the successful shinny clothes after the wash.

Proper Management of All The Items

It is also something essential. We being the experts are capable of handling all the clothes professional. We arrange it in a way that can make your work easy. This arrangement also prevents the clothes from getting damaged. We arrange the clothes according to its nature. It allows the clothes to breathe and the products will never da, age them this way. Only the professional dry cleaners deal with things this way. If you will not consult a professional cleaner you can never achieve the desired results. Sometimes there is a chance that you can also lose your item if you will not consult a professional. On Dhobi London we make sure the safety and maintenance of every clothing item.

Efficient and Well-Timed

People want efficient services and Dhobi London is an expert in providing the best satisfactory results when it comes to the Laundry service. We being the professionals can perform all the tasks on time and efficiently. You will never want to see a damaged product or late delivery. We are responsible and provide you with the best results on time. Work efficiency is our quality. Our team is trained and you will never have to worry about items getting missed or ate. We provide the transportation services that will take the clothes and deliver them to your doorstep. It is one of the biggest facility.

Wide range of Services and Competitive Rates

Our services are not only limited to the clothes dry cleaning or laundry, we also provide the sofa cleaning, rugs cleaning, bedsheet laundry, ironing, services and more. Our services are professional but with no limit. The best part is competitive and affordable rates. All the services are affordable and reliable. You can get the best deals and can check them easily on our website. There is complete transparency in our rates. If you do not want to see your clothes getting ruined then choose us, Dhobi London can be the best choice for you.