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Duvets and Bed Linen


Our duvets and bed linen are responsible for our nightly comfort, making the proper care and cleaning of such essential. What’s more, we spend an average of eight hours each day curled up in our duvets and bed linen, meaning they require a regular, thorough cleaning. In fact, we should be cleaning our duvets at least twice a year, while our bed linen should be changed a minimum of once a week. Despite this, duvets are notoriously tedious to clean, so what is one to do?

Duvet Washing Service Near Me

At Dhobi London, we pay close attention to the care label of your garments, cleaning them as per the instructions. Therefore, if the care label deems traditional washing the best option, this is exactly what we’ll do. Once your duvet is clean, we’ll then dry and package it neatly, ready for collection or delivery.

Duvet Dry Cleaners Near Me

In some cases, the care label on your duvet may recommend dry cleaning; fortunately, we also offer this service. As with traditional washing, we’ll ensure your duvet is returned to you clean, dry, and packaged neatly. Similarly, if your duvet is missing a care label, we’ll use our years of expertise to determine the best course of action for your garment.

Feather Duvet Cleaning Near Me

Many of our customers are left wondering how to wash a feather duvet due to them being so delicate. Therefore, we clean your feather duvets at a perfectly balanced temperature so that the feathers and the fabric isn’t harmed. The cleaning of feather duvets is a gentle process, and this is exactly what we deliver.

Quilt Cleaning Near Me

The terms “duvet” and “quilt” are often used interchangeably; however, they are two separate things. Essentially, a duvet is a piece of two-component bedding comprising a duvet insert and cover, while a quilt is a single piece with two or three layers. Regardless of whether you have a duvet, quilt, or both, we’re here to help.

Pillow Cleaning Service

As with your duvets, you should be cleaning your pillows at least every six months. Since your pillow cradles your head, you want to ensure it’s not being damaged during the cleaning process. Don’t risk ruining your pillow by cleaning it yourself; let Dhobi London do the job.

Bedding Washing Service

Bed linen is more commonly termed “bedding,” and we also clean this at Dhobi London. Finding the time to clean your bedding on a weekly basis can be a tricky task, yet it’s not something that can be avoided. What is one to do other than give Dhobi London a call?

Our services are available Monday to Friday, 7 am to 8 pm, and on Saturdays from 8 am to 5 pm. We can collect and deliver your garments professionally and with a smile, wherever you may be.

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